International Cooperation in Green Finance
We serve as the Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road (GIP) Secretariat Beijing Office, and are responsible for coordinating the GIP Steering Committee and the Working Groups as well as the development of the GIP Green Project Database. In this role, we work on green finance capacity building and the development of learning tools/ products for financial institutions and enterprises from China and other developing nations.
Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road (GIP)

GIP was launched in 2018 by multiple international organizations led by China Green Finance Committee,China Society for Finance and Banking and the City of London. As of September 2022, GIP had 44 signatory organizations from 16 countries and 14 supporting organizations, and the total assets owned or managed by these organizations exceed 41 trillion US dollars. As GIP’s Secretariat, we are responsible for improving GIP governance structure, establishing work mechanisms and managing the day-to-day operations. Currently GIP has already set up three working groups on the topics of environmental risk assessment, information disclosure, and green finance product innovation, as well as two regional offices in Central Asia and Africa. Every year GIP holds multiple capacity building workshops and publishes implementation progress report.

Green Finance Leadership Program(GFLP)

As an international platform for green finance knowledge sharing and capacity building, the GFLP works with financial and regulatory agencies in China and other developing nations, particularly those along the Belt and Road to build capacity on green and sustainable finance, develop relevant learning tools and products, and promote knowledge sharing. It also works with organizations both inside and outside of China to conduct research on green finance topics and programs. Since its establishment in 2018,the GFLP has already held more than 10 globally influential capacity building events, which attracted over 4000 participants from 70 countries and regions. These participants are mainly representatives from central banks, financial regulatory agencies, finance ministries and environmental ministries, and major financial institutions, research agencies and third-party service providers.

Papers and achievements

Since its establishment, the International Collaboration Centre has published papers and reports in authoritative periodicals, including China Finance and China Forex. Their contents cover the pillars of green finance and transformative finance and biodiversity, with a special emphasis on international collaboration. The papers are mostly based on outstanding examples from home and abroad and offer suggestions for the development of specific fields.

Unleashing Sustainable Finance in Southeast Asia
This report shows that while sustainable finance has experienced widespread expansion, sustainable debt and equity markets remain small and unable to meet the funding needs of ASEAN-5 economies for their various sustainability objectives.
Workshop on "Green Finance in Support of Climate Transition and Biodiversity Conservation"
Based on the content of the seminar "Green Finance to Support Climate Transition and Biodiversity Conservation" held in June 2022, this paper proposes recommendations for financial institutions and regulators to protect and restore biodiversity.
Uncovering China’s green finance pilot zones
After five years of practice, the green finance pilot zone has gradually expanded its scope and depth. The article describes the characteristic practices of each pilot area and the possibilities for transition finance and climate finance in the future.
This article points out that financial institutions need to actively study and judge the possible climate risks and transition risks in the construction of the Belt and Road, reduce investment
This article points out that financial institutions need to actively study and judge the possible climate risks and transition risks in the construction of the Belt and Road, reduce investment in high-carbon industries, seize low-carbon transition opportunities, and increase investment in green projects.
A new direction for international cooperation under the vision of carbon neutrality
This paper reviews the development process of green finance in China in recent years and looks forward to the new direction of international cooperation and cross-border green investment in green finance under the vision of carbon neutrality.
Multilateral international platform

The International Collaboration Centre actively takes part in the International Platform on Sustainable Finance and offers coordination, communication and research support under the leadership of Director Ma Jun, such as supporting the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System’s policy direction, supporting the development of the task team responsible for compiling the “Common Ground Taxonomy” and following closely the establishment of a framework for transformative finance.