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Official Release of The First Green Paper on China’s Green Capital market



Release: Green Paper of China’s Green Capital Market (2022)

Time: April 2023



CCB&IFS released the Green Paper

Keynote speech


Ma Jun appealed keynote speech

Ma Jun, President of IFS, stated that China’s green capital market, especially green bond, has seen a leapfrog growth during low-carbon transition of the economy and society to pledge China’s Dual Carbon Targets. As a think tank with international influence, IFS, together with CCB, released the Green Paper to provide reference and guidance of green investment and financing, facilitating China’s green transition and sustainable development while sharing its own best practise in global environment and climate change.

Guest speaker


Cui Yong is speaking

Cui Yong, deputy governor of CCB, noted that with a strong momentum of China’s green finance market green finance has become an important feature of CCB’s new financial actions. To fully leverage its professional advantages in green development and take a lead of market innovation, CCB released this Green Paper, together with IFS, summarizing practical experience and predicting trends of innovative green products. Besides, CCB is more than ready to provide financial support with diversified tools.

About The Green Paper

According to the Green Paper, China has become one of the world’s largest green finance markets with policy support and market growth. By the end of 2022, China’s green loan balance denominated in both domestic and foreign currencies reached 22.03 trillion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 38.5%. Additionally, the annual issuance of green bonds surpassed 869 billion RMB, indicating a growth of 50.3% year-on-year. Meanwhile, equity market investors heavily invested in green technology, with the proportion of green technology PE/VC investment exceeding 10% and the average investment amount in the primary market 88% higher than the market average. Data from the Asset Management Association of China show that by the end of June 2022, there were a total of 1178 public and private funds labeled “green”, “sustainable”, and “ESG”, with a total value of 882.1 billion RMB, representing a 34% increase from the end of 2020. China has also actively carried out international cooperation in green finance through platforms such as the G20, and jointly released the CGT with the EU, with more saying and leadership in this field.

The release of the Green Paper drew extensive attention of professionals from international organizations, governments, as well as investment and research institutions. Experts pointed out that the Green Paper not only systematically reviews the journey of China’s green capital market, but also showcases the market progress and latest achievements with huge amounts of data support. Innovative cases therein provide replicable and scalable experience for green investment and financing entities. Moreover, the Green Paper offers recommendations and prospects of the future to enable readers better understand opportunities in China’s green capital market, setting a role model for other emerging economies and developing countries.