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Dr. Ma Jun receives MNB International Green Finance Lifetime Achievement Award


We are delighted to announce that Dr. Ma Jun, the President of the Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS), received the distinguished MNB International Green Finance Lifetime Achievement Scientific Award from the Hungarian National Bank (MNB). This accolade was presented to him at the Budapest Eurasia Forum 2023 held on November 24, in recognition of his extensive contributions to the field of green finance.


As the founder and president of IFS, Dr. Ma is widely respected as a globally renowned policy advocate and effective practitioner in sustainable green finance. His pivotal role in drafting China’s green finance guidelines and the nation's first Green Bond Taxonomy between 2015 and 2016 has marked him as a key figure in this domain. Moreover, Dr. Ma has been instrumental in initiating and facilitating global consensus on scaling up green finance under the G20 framework, a task he undertook from 2016 to 2022. His initiative and leadership in drafting the Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road (GIP) in 2018 and his efforts in developing the Common Ground Taxonomy (CGT) under the International Platform for Sustainable Finance (IPSF) from 2019 to 2023 further underscore his commitment to sustainable finance practices.


Dr. Ma received the award from Deputy Governor of the Hungarian National Bank, Csaba Kandracs, during the forum where they also discussed China’s progress in the field of green development, international cooperation efforts and GDP accounting methods. This prestigious award is given to non-Hungarian professionals for their contributions to the development of the scientific study and implementation of green finance through internationally relevant, globally significant and pioneering research.


Csaba Kandracs, Deputy Governor of the Hungarian National Bank, presenting the award to Dr. Ma Jun

About MNB International Green Finance Lifetime Achievement Scientific Award

The Award was established by the Hungarian National Bank in 2021, with an aim to promote and recognise the international community’s research and promotion work in green finance related fields. The prize is awarded annually to an international leader in the field, selected by a selection committee composed of a number of scientists and members of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee. Naoyuki Yoshino, Professor Emeritus at Keio University in Japan, and Sean Kidney, Co-founder and CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), received this award in 2021 and 2022 respectively. In 2023, the award was won by Dr Ma Jun, Chairman of the Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking and President of the Beijing-based Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS).