Research and insights
Agricultural Enterprise Transition Finance Disclosure Framework Research Report
The report proposes a set of transition finance disclosure frameworks applicable to Chinese agricultural enterprises, with a view to better achieving completeness and comparability of disclosure information and avoiding the risk of "fake transformation".
Identifying and managing biodiversity-related financial risks: the French experiences
Taskforce on Biodiversity Finance of The Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking (GFC) has collaboration with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). Recently, with the support of the China Biodiversity Facility (CBF) and the AFD, the Chinese versions of two French research reports focusing on the identification and management of biodiversity-related financial risks have been officially published.
Review of statements| Count for Nature: Natural Capital and Green Finance Innovation
On March 24, the "Natural Capital and Green Finance Innovation Seminar and Report Release", co-hosted by the Beijing IFS and the Greenovation Hub, and supported by British Embassy Beijing, was successfully held in Beijing.
The Green Finance Committee financially supports the release of the results of the Biodiversity Conservation Research Group
In February 2022, GFC initiated the establishment of the "Financial Support for Biodiversity Research Group", which focuses on how finance can support biodiversity conservation and how financial institutions can prevent financial risks caused by biodiversity loss and provide policy research support for financial regulatory authorities.
China and UK Collaboration: Exploring the opportunities and challenges of natural capital accounting and applications
Through research and interviews, this report introduces the concept, development status and application cases of natural capital accounting, to promote the exchange of technologies and policies on the accounting and application of natural capital in the two countries and the two systems.
Green Finance – Finance supports biodiversity conservation
The degradation of the ecological environment and the loss of biodiversity are becoming risks faced by the whole society and a possible source of financial risks.
China and Brazil: Exploring Green Finance Cooperation and Insight into the future of sustainable agriculture
In May 2021, IFS, and the Brazil-China Entrepreneurs Council (CEBC) jointly launched the first China-Brazil Cooperation Dialogue on Sustainable Agriculture and Green Finance, which discussed the current status and future cooperation on sustainable development issues such as promoting green agricultural investment, agricultural product trade, green finance, and circular economy.
Ma Jun: Strengthen the role of green finance
Dr. Ma Jun, President of IFS interpreted green development in the report of the 20th National Congress.
Financial Times: New rules for financial support for biodiversity conservation "Externality problems" and "Project identification" need to be solved urgently
Huzhou issued the Implementation Opinions on Financial Support for Biodiversity Conservation, striving to form an exploration practice of financial support for biodiversity conservation with Huzhou characteristics.
Innovative Investment and Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Livestock and Deforestation Conversion Free Beef
Based on the background of the transformation of Brazil's livestock industry to Deforestation & Conversion Free, the NBS Center conducts research on innovative investment and financing mechanisms for sustainable livestock farming and zero-carbon beef and explores feasible ways to support the sustainable transformation of Brazil's livestock industry.
Green Finance Supporting China's Forestry "Going Global": A Reference Framework for Banking Finance Institutions Environmental and Social Risk Management
Based on the research on forestry investment and financing environment and social risk management of domestic and foreign financial institutions, NBS Center proposes a reference framework for overseas forestry investment and financing environmental and social risk management of Chinese banking financial institutions.
The Green Finance Committee's "Financial Support to Biodiversity Study Group" held its second workshop
The second workshop of the Green Finance Committee "Financial Support Biodiversity Research Group" led by the Beijing IFS held.